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A research and development, design, production and sales as one of the enterprises

The company's main products are: steam boiling water machine, thermostatic intelligent boiling water machine, cabinet under the boiling water machine, tea machine, wine machine, and the latest research and development of the multi functional bar.

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Long-term partners

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The steam boiling water machine can produce milk foam in the aspect of coffee beverage, which can continuously ensure sufficient steam and also provide 100% boiling water by the full control of the computer braking water heating. Improved temperature and pressure display, more convenient operation, more accurate control. Wisdom of drinking water machine with general boiling type boiled water machine is the biggest difference is the high-tech computer program control, gradually, the water seal heating technology step by step, to ensure the water temperature above 95 ℃, save electric energy and environmental protection, for there are various specifications supply capacity, apply to the milk tea shop, coffee shop, restaurant, hotel, convenience stores, and so on. The wine machine is divided into single bottle wine machine and double bottle wine machine. It adopts high technology sealed instant heating wine machine, which can set wine temperature and alcohol output, and can be controlled by computer accurately.

We insist on high quality products, high service to customers, and continue to forge ahead, so that the company's products are mainly sold to Japan and South Korea, Taiwan and China mainland and other regional countries.

In the future enterprise development, the company will merge art & technology, combined with man-machine & engineering, rapid development of high quality products, "humanistic concept of life" has been the company operating the main concept, the development of the product design is to create a people-oriented spindle of articles for daily use, the content of fine and completely rendered, bring your better life a little bit more simple, elegant and gentle.

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